Autin DT @ Blue Cloud Scratch: Back for more!

Autin DT @ Blue Cloud Scratch: Back for more!

Chantal from Cloud Dance Festival and Niamh from Blue Elephant Theatre (London) have offered to present our work at Blue Cloud Scratch at 8pm on Thursday 28 July!

We’ll be showing excerpt of our work in progress ‘A Positive Life’, and look forward it! Positive Life 2

Check out what it’s all about on here:

About the event: Blue Elephant Theatre’s and Cloud Dance Festival’s bimonthly scratch night is back, and we’ve got a really interesting lineup for you this time, as we’ll be featuring artists from around the country, so that you can get a taste of what artists are creating beyond the M25.

We’d like you to come join us to support these artists and to stay on to offer them insights and feedback on their works in progress – we and they would be enormously grateful!

Our lineup this time is:
Autin Dance Theatre (choreographed by Johnny Autin)
Dickson Mbi
Lewys Holt
Ian Parsons (Point(e) Taken Dance)
Alice Weber
Indefinite Article Dance Theatre (choreographed by Fern Wareham).

There will be a Q&A session after each half of the show, so please do join us for our last scratch night before the autumn – and to give a hearty London welcome to Johnny, Lewys and Fern (and their dancers)!

To get your tickets:


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