Press Release: A Positive Life – June 2016

Press Release: A Positive Life – June 2016

Autin DT are extremely pleased to announce that Arts Council England have confirmed funding for a new research and development project commencing in July 2016. We are working towards a 3 year project including creative workshops with Young People, consultations, research and the creation of an immersive dance theatre experience, A Positive Life.

During the current R&D period Creative Director, Johnny Autin, will be working alongside 6 performers (dancers, actors, spoken word artists, etc) to create a work in progress, an interactive live performance aimed at young people aged 14 – 24 years old. The team will be delving into conversations around sex education in the UK, sexual health, love and self worth, as well as challenging stigmas around people living with HIV/AIDS.

Autin DT strive to make relevant and engaging issue-based work with real people’s stories at the heart of their creative process. They will be consulting with many different groups of young people across Birmingham and beyond about their views, stories and opinions on the subject of sex education and relationships, as well as with community groups and professionals working towards achieving similar goals or raising awareness and educating people.

“I am thrilled to go back in the studio this week with exceptional performers and creative collaborators on board on this project. The support of our partners and funders is crucial in the development of the work and of the Company, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am super excited also to be working with Creative Producer, Kirsten Jeavons on ‘A Positive Life’ and on the future of Autin DT!”

Johnny Autin

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