Choreographic Commission in Tanzania – September 2020

Choreographic Commission in Tanzania – September 2020


📷 Donata Kukytė (MUDA Africa in Dar ‘La folie des passions’)


We are thrilled to announce that Creative Director/Choroegrapher Johnny Autin will be travelling to Dar es Salaam at the end of the month to take part in a newly commissioned multidisciplinary artistic residency with professional dancers, visual artists, filmmakers and designers from France and Tanzania.

Mawimbi – Shifting Frequencies’ is a creative exploration of the human vibrations in urban setting. Inspired by Johnny’s birthplace of La Rochelle, a coastal city in southwestern France and capital of the Charente-Maritime department, and by Dar es Salaam, the largest city in East Africa and former capital of Tanzania, the Creative Team of French and Tanzanian artists will research, devise and create a multidisciplinary performance combining video projections, soundscapes and choreography, with immersive audience participation to be presented at Alliance Française of Dar es Salaam during the 14th edition of the Time 2 Dance festival on 17-19 September 2020.

The visuals and sounds of each city will inspire the creative process of our residency as they lead to different and similar human feelings, experiences, and vibrations. Mawimbi means waves in Swahili and is an image of the changing and moving pulses in each of these coastal cities.” – Johnny Autin

This project is the continuation of AutinDT’s exciting East African Culture Exchange that we have been developing in partnership with MUDA Africa and several other partner organisations, artists and festivals in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda since 2016. ‘Mawimbi – Shifting frequencies’ is commissioned by the French Institute of Dar es Salaam using funding provided by the French Embassy in Tanzania.


📷 Donata Kukytė (Ibuka Dance in Arusha ‘Umami’)



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