Without Walls Blueprint R&D support

‘Make Your Own Puppet @Home’ – Tutorial #5 today on Saturday 11th July

🌎 Once again Puppeteer Ben Thompson  will show you today how to make the final puppet in our web series designed by Samuel Wyer… A lesser-spotted long-legged lockdown Bird (a silly marionette with a lot of possibilities) ♻️ You will need… Thin Card (like a cereal box) 1 x Large Plate 1 x Small Plate 4 x Plastic Bottle Tops 2 x Kebab Skewers Coloured Paper/Pictures from a magazine Glue Marker Pen Pencil Blutack/Plasticine Tape Scissors String   🎨We would love to see your puppet creations! We invite you share them with us by posting them on social media using …

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‘Make Your Own Puppet @Home’ – Tutorial #4 today on Saturday 4th July

🌎 From Saturday 4th July at 10 am Puppeteer Ben Thompson will show you how to make the next puppet in our web series designed by Samuel Parker… a Polar Bear! ♻️ You will need… 1 x 1L Tetrapak (tall, square milk or juice carton) 3 x Straws 1 x Ruler 1 x Marker Pen 1 x Sharp Pencil Blu tack/Plasticine Tape Scissors     Global warming is affecting the Arctic faster than anywhere else in the world and the sea ice is shrinking at 14% per decade. This means that the global population of polar bears could reduce by two thirds by 2050 as …

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Without Walls Blueprint Programme Artists 2020

We are pleased to officially announce that our project Out of the Deep Blue has been selected for the Without Walls Blueprint Programme 2020 along with 9 other UK-based artists and companies. Johnny and everyone at Autin Dance Theatre are thrilled that the  research and development for Out of the Deep Blue is supported by Blueprint: Without Walls R&D Investment Fund and we can not wait to continue developing this ambitious and important piece of work over the next few months. The Creative Team is working towards public presentations and live performances for 2021 at international festivals and outdoor arts events across the country! …

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OOTDB press and media releases

  We are very pleased with the launch of our brand new digital programme ‘Out of the Deep Blue‘ Web Series and the response of the press and media releases around it. From today’s  Tom Marlow and Samantha Meah talk about ‘Out of the Deep Blue’ this morning following our launch on BBC Radio WM and other great local responses to our project The Birmingham Press, Birmingham What’s on Live , BrumPic.   ‘Out of the deep blue’  web series inspired by the themes around the climate emergency crisis and other environmental issues. We will be using mainly recyclable materials as …

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‘Out of the Deep Blue’ Web Series

We are pleased to officially launch the first ‘Make Your Own Puppet @Home’ tutorial video on Saturday 13 June at 10am as part of ‘Out of the Deep Blue’ Web Series.     ‘Out of the Deep Blue‘ Web Series is AutinDT’s brand new digital programme featuring unique and practical creative step-by-step tutorials to ‘Make Your Own Puppet @Home‘ out of reusable household items and includes 5 short films of a puppet telling inspiring and climate change awareness stories to children and young people. This short video is a part of a web series inspired by the themes around the climate emergency crisis and other environmental issues. …

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